The Fear of God

Something I have noticed among fellow Christians while listening to discussion is that many of them think that the fear of God is merely reverence for God, a honoring of God, similar to the honor that you give your parents (or are supposed to give). But what the Bible teaches is that fear is a terror, or a state of being afraid of a Holy and Righteous God. Why? Because this Holy God we worship named JEHOVAH, is all powerful and rightly brings his wrath upon those who have disobeyed His law.
You see, in America today, we have lost the true sense of who God really is. Many Christians view God as their friend, and rightly so because He is. But what they fail to understand is that God is unapproachable. No one can understand Him and never will. Now, we can understand some things about God, but never all, for, only God knows all.
Every time a person in the Bible comes into the presence of God they fall to the ground upon there face because of the Holiness of God. Imagine, being in the presence of a being who you could not look upon much less understand. You know that He has no beginning and has no end. He sees all spaces of time as one and knows everything about every person, in all times and places. Just knowing this would, and does, bring me to my knees. We need to realize that while God has the power to give live He also possess the power to take it, and remember that "The ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and He pondereth all his goings." Proverbs 5:22

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